Washable Dog Pee Pads and Puppy Pads, Belly Bands for Boy Dogs, Diapers for Girl Dogs!
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Welcome to T. Bumpkins & Co. - your source for washable Doggie Pee Pads, belly bands for male dogs, and diapers for female dogs. We also have a boutique featuring clothing and accessories for small dogs.

Washable and Reusable Dog and Puppy Pee Pads


Our Doggie Pee Pads are machine washable and dryable -- which means they are environmentally friendly and provide cost savings. The next time you throw away a disposable pee pee pad that your puppy or dog ripped to shreds, make it the last one! By washing a Doggie Pee Pad, rather than tossing a disposable into a landfill, you will be saving money and helping to protect our planet from needless waste.

We incorporate attractiveness into our washable Doggie Pee Pads. Instead of a soiled white and blue plastic pee pad in the middle of your living space, our printed Doggie Pee Pads will help hide the mess your dog left while beautifying your space. We offer many fabrics available to match your home and personal preferences.

Key Features of Doggie Pee Pads:

Piddle Pad Paw  Available in three convenient sizes
Piddle Pad Paw  Machine washable and dryable
Piddle Pad Paw  Made in the USA
Piddle Pad Paw  Contains absorbent inner layers and a leakproof barrier
Piddle Pad Paw  Finished with attractive 100% cotton decorative fabric tops
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In addition to washable and reusable Doggie Pee Pads, we offer washable belly bands and diapers featuring our own Bumpkins Barrier™, and clothing & accessories for small dogs. We also will soon be offering washable pads for other small pets such as ferrets and guinea pigs.

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